The Manusa Project Samples

CD Personnel and Gear:

The above samples are from the CD SOS. A CD can be purchased for £5.00 +p&p. To buy please send an email to request for purchase.

The Manusa Project: SOS

Pete Sheppard: Selmer Gitanes DG-255 model guitar.

Chris White: John Le Voi Petite Bouche 14 fret to the body Selmer copy.

Bastien Terraz: Plays a very big violin that sounds very low notes.. It'll never catch on.

Recordings taken Jan 2011: Featuring Andy Aitchison on violin and Dan Teper on accordion.

LeQ Allstars (July 2007)

Waltzes with Michael Ward-Bergeman (Accordion)

Jazz Gitanes

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As a dedication from where I began my musical journey I include here for completeness three samples of my father Jerry Sheppard and me, recorded in 1991 at Third Ear Studios in Cornwall. The guitars we used were both Selmer Macafferi copies hand built by Jerry. Jerry tragically died on April 27th 1995.